Hi and welcome!

I am so glad you are interested in joining us for what is a stimulating, creative, fun-filled and special times with your little one.  We know that with busy lives and hectic schedules, it is sometimes really difficult to dedicate one-on-one time to your child…..there is always someone else to tend to or some other task that seems to draw us away.  This is your time!

We have planned a programme of music, age-appropriate (yet challenging) learning activities and sensory experiences.  We as Occupational Therapists have put together an age-related programme catering for your babies needs and your needs at various stages of development. We are specialized in child development and early learning and have done post graduate courses in childhood development, sensory integration, play therapy, parenting and psychology. We have had some input from Sally’s sister, Kate, also a paediatric OT who put together the well known Moms and Babes franchise programme. It is our hope that these groups will be a place for moms to meet, exchange stories and share experiences.

  • The OT practice address is at 51 Wilson Street, Hunter’s Home – Wilson Street is the first left after the Knysna Golf Course off George Rex Drive. Continue up Wilson Street for 1.5km (past the traffic circle going up to Pezula).  The house is on the right hand side.
  • The groups are charged per term. Included in the fee, are teas and eats, lots of materials we use, and things to take home. We supply each child with a special baby group book which we paint/draw/write in and you take it home with you when you ultimately move on! We print out interesting age-related info for parents too.
  • The groups will run from 10:00 to 11:30 (negotiable depending on times of sleeps) including tea, chat and free play time.  We recognise that all babies have their own sleeping routine (depending on what time they choose to wake their parents in the morning), and that this group time may not be ‘ideal’ for everyone. You could try to slightly adjust/manipulate your baby’s schedule on that day so that they get a nap prior to the group starting.
  • The session dates follow the school terms (roughly).  Some of the holidays are very long and so for the moms that are keen, we may offer some holiday sessions.
  • The groups have been structured in the following way: A few minutes of ‘connection time’ for moms and free play for the little ones, a session of fun music and action songs, a time of gross motor activities and play, a less structured session of sensory exploration and activities focusing on fine motor skill development, and finally a few minutes of ‘winding down’ and quiet time. There will be time at the end to catch up over a cup of tea or coffee.  We have some other ideas for this time too such as an introduction to baby signing, managing difficult situations, book and toy reviews etc.
  • Please always pack in a sunhat, sunscreen and a change of clothing for your child.  We cannot guarantee that having fun is going to be clean! In fact often it’s guaranteed to be very messy! (Rather not in your own homes!)
  • Please contact me about fees and payment details.  Obviously, if you join half way through a term, please adjust the amount for the term accordingly.

We are glad you are joining us!