EQ in a Box© is a simple, interactive story board activity designed by a Clinical Psychologist and an Occupational Therapist to teach your child healthier ways to think and feel about life.

What does EQ in a Box© Consists Of?
  • A Double Sided Storyboard
  • A Set of 31 Coloured Characters
  • A Set of 12 Coloured Projective Cards
  • Fun Instructional DVD that explains how to get the best out of your child when using the EQ in a Box©
What does EQ in a Box© Do?

It helps us to understand and help our children deal with stress, manage sibling rivalry and cope with conflict more effectively. EQ in a Box© is a groundbreaking approach to teaching children EQ skills! It is suitable for children aged 4 to 15 years of age. Finally understanding and nurturing your child’s emotional intelligence is just a storyboard away!

Praise for EQ in a Box©

“I am the happiest parent! I can finally help my child to know what he is feeling instead of just act what he is feeling.” Aaron Levy, Parent, South Africa

” A big thank you for EQ in a Box©. I have only had it one month so far and I have used it almost every day in my practice – what a wonderful tool.” Lisa Wittstock, Counseling Psychologist, South Africa

“Hey Sally and Pam! Thanks for this stunning tool! It’s really amazing and I started using it already and have had great results -starting from card 1!!” Belinda Von Wielligh, Occupational Therapist, South Africa

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