About the Workshop

I am very passionate about empowering the greater population with knowledge, so that more people can be skilled in helping children to find their way in the world. I speak frequently about subjects such as sensory integration, emotional intelligence, sensory versus behaviour, clinical skills and have also been known to do talks on dyspraxia, baby sign language, parenting skills, ethical considerations, and clinical observations.

Praise for our Workshops

“The lecturers were fantastic and so insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and gained some beneficial insight. Thank you for the great presentations. You are both excellent and very clear. Love the examples and anecdotes as they help seal info together. The multi-sensory approach is fab.The examples and practical demonstrations really gave me an overall clear understanding. Thank you so much for the Port Elizabeth workshop at Westway Bethel. You have been a breath of fresh air. Bless you for sharing your talents, thoughts and experience with us.I know that Summerwood is now in a better position to help more parents and children”. William Foaden, Headmaster, Summerwood Primary School, South Africa

“I came away feeling both encouraged by the knowledge that was consolidated as well as challenged to learn more. This was influenced by the discussion and case study based nature of the course. Each person was involved and interacted with the course material making it highly beneficial and interesting!” Sarah Combley, Occupational Therapist

“The SI and EQ workshop is a must for any teacher and parent. Sally presents from a wealth of knowledge and experience, which opens up one’s eyes to difficulties that children may experience but are easily overlooked. Sally’s workshop on Ethics was FUN, which brought a fresh breeze to learning about this topic. She presented relevant information in a practical and interesting way. I really enjoyed every moment and would recommend her workshops to everyone!” Karen Kunz, Occupational Therapist, Namibia

“I was there and loved your talk!  The link you made between the senses and the emotions is so powerful”. Nadezna, Occupational Therapist, Namibia

“I attended the SI and EQ workshop led by Sally in Johannesburg in 2012.  The workshop was very well organised and offered a great mixture of theoretical background and hands-on practice.  Space was given for interactions and questions between the participants and the workshop facilitator, which offered great insight and clarification, if needed.   Back in the UK, I have made good use of what I learnt to inform my practice.  I thoroughly recommend this course and I have no doubt any other courses led by Sally”. Delphine Durand, Advanced Paediatric Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom


If you are interested in hosting a workshop in any part of the world, I love to travel and explore, and am willing to negotiate a plan to make it happen! Please contact me for more information.